Dr. Andrew Greendorfer and Dr. Jessica Greendorfer

Andrew Greendorfer, DVM received his Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in 1996 and graduated cum laude from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in 2007. He was awarded the Astra Davis/James Holliday and Carroll Awards in Veterinary Medicine. His veterinary interests include dentistry, dermatology, and endocrine disease. Andrew worked as a general practitioner at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital and Belle Mead Animal Hospital prior to coming to Lambertville.

Andrew and Jessica Greendorfer

The Greendorfers attended high school together in Maplewood, NJ and were married in 1998. They have two wonderful children, two dogs, and two cats. They spend most of their free time with their kids and enjoy music, Rangers hockey, and reading.

Jessica Greendorfer, PhD, DVM received her Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in 1996. She received a doctorate in Biochemistry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2004. She graduated summa cum laude from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in 2006. She received the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society Senior Student Award, the AAHA Senior Student Award and the Merck Veterinary Manual Award. Jessica worked as an emergency veterinarian in Alabama and New Jersey prior to coming to Lambertville. She enjoys both general practice and emergency medicine.


  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 21+
  • Favorite Pet: my cats Tuck and Sir Elton Nom Chompsky
  • Special Interests: feline behavior, wildlife rescue, hiking
  • Favorite Animal: English badger
  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 2+
  • Favorite Pet: Bernese mountain dog
  • Special Interests: veterinary dermatology, kayaking
  • Favorite Animals: any breed of goats and cows
  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 10+
  • Favorite Pet: my Bassett Hound Happy
  • Special Interests: yoga, crafting
  • Favorite Animal: horse
  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 15+
  • Favorite Pet: my cats Lilith and Ollivander
  • Special Interests: choral singing, traveling, tending my chickens
  • Favorite Animal: horse

  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 7+
  • Favorite Pet: my dog Dwight, and cats Marley and Annie
  • Special Interests: musical theatre
  • Favorite Animals: dogs
  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 10+
  • Favorite Pet: my Boston terrier
  • Special Interests: horses, gardening
  • Favorite Animal: Friesian horse
  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 4+
  • Favorite Pet: my dog
  • Special Interests: gardening, canoeing
  • Favorite Animal: great white shark
  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 6+
  • Favorite Pets: my dogs
  • Special Interests: exotic pets, emergency care
  • Favorite Animals: giraffe

  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 20+
  • Favorite Pets: my passel of cats
  • Special Interests: theatre
  • Favorite Animal: Lop-eared bunny
Laurie staff member
Laurie Weinstein, CVT, Office Manager
  • Years of Veterinary/Animal Experience: 30+
  • Favorite Pet: my black cat Jinxy
  • Special Interests: painting, baking, kayaking
  • Favorite Animal: manatee

Four-legged Staff

  • First year at LAH: 2016
  • Special Interests: using anything as a pillow, stalking Dr. J
  • First year at LAH: 2020
  • Special Interests: eating plants, eating Taylor’s lunch, squeaking
Jon BabyJon
  • First year at LAH: 2019
  • Special Interests: slowly shredding the office ‘shred’ box, fishing things out of the sink
  • First year at LAH: 2018
  • Special Interests: meeting dogs, lounging at the reception desk
Gus and Steve
In Memoriam… Steve and Gus, our original hospital cats.
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