End of Life Services

We don’t want our pets to suffer, yet determining the quality of an aging or ill pet’s life can be difficult. If your pet is no longer eating or drinking, is in pain, is immobile, is not interested in activities anymore, or is having more bad days then good days, then a quality of life assessment should be made. Sometimes, we are able to diagnose disease that can be treated so that suffering is relieved. If not, humane euthanasia can be a peaceful option to end a pet’s suffering.

We offer in-hospital and, for established clients, at-home euthanasia for pets whose quality of life has declined. Owners can be present for all, some, or none of the procedure. It is ok to cry or be emotional during this procedure – we know how hard it is to say good-bye to a beloved pet. Owners may elect to have their pet cremated and ashes can be returned to owners if desired.

It is natural to grieve after the loss of a pet. Our pets are a special part of our family. If you feel you need help with your grieving process, consider the following resources:


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